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Massage chair Inada Robostic D.6

Inada Family

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The Robostic D.6 Inada massage chair is designed for demanding users waiting for a real health benefit.

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Inada Chair Robostic D.6

Design, massage technology, functionality

With breakthroughs in massage chair design and functionality, the Inada Chair offers the comforts of a luxury recliner.

The world's first robostic programs

Subtle movements that surpass the motions of the human hand are realized. Complete control of roller location and depth of the massage via a handy joystick. The unprecedented luxury of tailoring the massage according to your needs.

Coordinate a variety of movements with the joystick to customize a massage that fits your every need

Using the joystick, change the speed, vertical position and strength of the massage. These can be recorded in the memory function, so that your custom course can be reenacted with the push of a button. The program can be revised at any time to suit your current physical needs.

You can customize the following functions :
- Roller vertical position
- Roller horizontal position
- Kneading type I
- Kneading type II
- Reverse kneading
- Rolling type I
- Rolling type II
- Tapping

Knead up or down based on personal preference using the joystick.
Fully control the kneading speed with the joystick dial.
Strengthen or soften the massage based on personal preference by pushing or pulling the joystick.
Fully control the tapping speed with the joystick dial.

Automatic SHIATSU point locator function using optical sensors

Shiatsu points, which differ according to the body type of each individual, are automatically detected by optical sensors. Even if used by the whole friends cercle, the massage are automatically customized to each individual, providing a massage of professional quality.

10 different healthcare programs

A professional massage not only works on the areas needing a massage, but on other areas directly connected to the target area, effectively applying technique, precision and strength. These professional technique are incorporated into the healthcare programs of the Inada Family Robostic HCP-D6D.

You can switch between 3D and normal programs by pressing the same program button of your choice during each program. The 3D programs feature massage advancement and retraction, while the normal programs provide a 2D movement.

Start a fulfilling massage by choosing one of the following courses :

- Fullbody relief (3D) <--> Fullbody relief (Normal)
for a comprehensive fullbody massage

- Stiff shoulders (3D) <--> Stiff shoulders (Normal)
for a focused massage on the neck and shoulders

- Lower back tension (3D) <--> Lower back tension (Normal)
for a focused massage on the lower back

- Shiatsu (3D) <--> Shiatsu (Normal)
for a slow motion rolling action massage the entire body

- Seat (3D) <--> Seat (Normal)
for a combination of vibration and air pressure massage for the buttocks

Original see-saw feature with the new "3D massage mechanism"

Featuring our new "3D massage mechanism" that delivers instant response and accurate performance. This new mechanism is capable of very fine and delicate changes to the feel of the massage.

The curve of the spine, the back of the neck, the shoulder blades and the muscles around the waist vary from person to person, thus, massage preferences naturally differ. Once the optical sensors detect the user's shiatsu points, the 3D massage mechanism skillfully handles the 4 massage heads for a smoother, deeper massage tailored to the individual. Massage heads rotate like the wrist, mimicking the fine movements of a professional massage.

Due to technological advancements, shiatsu points can be adjusted in the smallest increments.

Our original see-saw feature combined with the new "3D massage mechanism" allows the extrusion of the massage heads to a maximum of 2,4 inches (6 cm). The new and improved joystick function permits an infinitely adjustable massage to get at just the right place.

Adjusting the angle of the footrest

The footrest can be raised and lowered with the single push on a button. Sensors located in the heels allow the footrest to automatically extend.

A thorough massage of the calves and ankles

Airbags firmly encompass the calves and ankles for a better fit. The airbags gently, but firmly, squeeze the calves and ankles as if they were being massaged by human hands. According to japanese shiatsu theory, massaging areas furthest away from the heart relieves fatigue and stimulates blood circulation.

Improved toe and sole massage

Airbags located in the instep and sole reach all the toes and the hard-to-knead heels. Experience the deep and soothing massage that mimics the techniques of a top-level professional massage. Includes vibration for the soles of the feets.

Designed by Chiaki Murata, one of the most accomplished and influential designers in Japan. Designer of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Console.

Main Features

Rollers, air pressure, and vibration combined Hybrid Massaging Function :
The ideal relaxation, realized by all of our available technology. For the back, buttocks, and calves, a rich variation of massage techniques and unique programming make for a close to "human touch" sensation. The foot unit, designed to massage the soles of the feet, moves together with the reclining seat back to keep the foot massage going at any angle.

With full fine adjustment joystick funtion :
Select massage action, intensity, and roller position through simple operation of the joystick.

Optic sensors provide for Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator Function :
Automatically locates shiatsu points which vary from person to person. This allows for an effective massage that tailors itself to your size and shape.

Easy to read massage guide Remote Control Display Panel :
The remote control features a clear, easy to read display panel that enables you to monitor your massage. The display guides you through each step of your massage, displaying information about each massage action.

Easy to adjust to the most comfortable position Automatic Reclining Function :
The seat back can be reclined to any angle between approx. 120˚ and 170˚. The footrest can be raised to an approx. 90˚ angle. Both can be easily adjusted to find the most comfortable position for you.

Vibration massage function :
Vibration mechanisms are located in the seat, footrest (foot unit), and chair back. The soothing vibrations make for a relaxing massage.

With state-of-the-art technology Various Course Functions
Jetform's top choice :
10 healthcare programs (auto) and manual selection modes can be selected to satisfy your particular needs.

Standard Remote Control Stand :
A standard remote control stand is available which accommodates the remote control.

Foot massage unit stays on the soles of your feet Foot Slide Sensors :
The footrest activates whenever you choose to recline the seat back. After reclining, the footrest length is adjusted automatically to provide a calf or foot massage according to your leg length.

As a therapeutic massage device, the ROBOSTIC provides the following benefits :
- Relieves minor muscle aches and pains
- Relaxes muscles, mind and soul

Data sheet

Consumption :170 W
Frequency :50-60 Hz
Voltage :220-240 V
Dimension sitting :140 x 75 x 120 cm (L x w x h)
Lying dimension :200 x 75 x 90 cm (L x w x h)
Empty weight :110 Kg
Incline :170°
Coating :Medical leather / Genuine leather
Number of engines :8
Number of rolls :4
Number of airbags :24
Heating System :No
Vibration massage :Yes
3D massage :Yes
Bodyscan function :Yes
Detection of the morphology :Yes
Timer :10 to 30 minutes
Automatic program :10
Manual programming :Yes
Remote control :Standard with screen + Joystick
Made inJapan


2013-06-20 20:02:42
Délais de livraison respecté

Délais de livraison respecté et conditionnement du colis parfait

    2013-01-28 23:10:43
    Haute qualité

    Fauteuil massant de haute qualité ! Merci pour votre sérieux et de votre professionnalisme.

      2012-11-19 01:18:45
      Très satisfaits

      Rapidité de la commande et de livraison. Le Robostic est un rêve. Nous sommes très satisfaits de vos services.

        2012-11-08 02:57:15
        Conformes à la description

        Le fauteuil est arrivé vite et est conformes à la description. La qualité du Robostic est incroyable!!! ++

          2012-11-05 00:55:46
          La livraison a été rapide

          La livraison a été rapide. Pour les prix, il y a le choix, du 1er prix au bien plus cher. Le Inada Robostic est pour moi le meilleur! Merci pour vos conseils.

            2012-10-30 01:35:08
            Prix très compétitif

            Prix très compétitif, service rapide, a recommander!

              2012-09-24 01:16:12
              Excellente qualité

              Fauteuil massant reçu rapidement (sous 5 jours exactement), excellente qualité de massage, commerce à recommander. Merci.

                2012-08-16 23:50:14
                Le Top du Top

                Après l’essai de très nombreux modèles, l'Inada Robostic D.6 reste pour moi le meilleur fauteuil de massage niveau rapport Qualité / Prix.

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                  Massage chair Inada Robostic D.6

                  Massage chair Inada Robostic D.6

                  The Robostic D.6 Inada massage chair is designed for demanding users waiting for a real health benefit.

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