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Massage chair Inada Robostic D.6

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The Robostic D.6 Inada massage chair is designed for demanding users waiting for a real health benefit.

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The Inada Robostic D.6 massage chair can be controlled by joystick.
- Possibility to adjust the depth of the rollers and therefore the intensity of the massage.
- The design of the chair is signed Chiaki Murata has inscribed the particular game console multimedia Microsoft X-Box 360.
- Combinations of vibrations and compressions with main target the muscles of the seat.
- All body parts are in perfect contact with the surface of the chair regardless of size, weight or morphology of each. The massage is performed in optimal conditions.
- Probes used in the ankles and the base of the legs are adjustable automatically depending on the size.
- Support tilts the chair, the command is accessible in all positions.
- In programs fitness key "Custom memory" allows the backup of personal choices (intensity of pressure, vibration ...).
- 3 custom programs can be stored.
- The LED display allows easy reading scrolling text on the screen of the remote control and even in the dark.

We will help you choose the massage chair that suits you best but this requires that you read their characteristics and the different programs that offers a massage chair. We'll show you the different types of massages that can offer you your future chair, as well as the specifics of these massages.

The high cost of some massage chairs is justified by the use of technology peak: these chairs mimic the manual work of a physiotherapist.
Kneading (also known as "Shiatsu").

The main advantage lies in its ability kneading to relax and rejuvenate body. The dough is divided into three complex movements:

A slight pressure is applied to a specific point.
This pressure is supported, which allows blood to pass to the roller.
The voltage is then released, allowing the pressure to leave the system.
rolling massage (also called "Rolling").

rolling massage promotes stretching spine lengthening the muscles of your back. Pressure on your discs is then attenuated backbone. The massages are rolling along your spine. This helps to stimulate the roots of spinal nerves and reduce muscle pain back. More rollers and massaged the area are great, the massage will be more effective in improving blood circulation.

Percussion massage (also called "Tapping" or "Clapping").

percussion massage has the particularity to improve your blood circulation. This improved circulation has the advantage of reducing muscle stiffness and promote the exchange of oxygen and other vital nutrients in the body. After physical activity, such a massage helps the muscles to remove lactic acid, which reduces muscle stiffness. Some massage chairs offer a technology that can achieve close to 500 taps per minute! Sit back and let the tensions of a hard day dissipate. And finally, the system of reflexology chair will treat your feet like a therapist by releasing the accumulated tension with a vigorous massage and comforting.

- Massage the back with 3D Joystick.
- Ability to adjust the depth of the rollers.
- Adjusts the intensity of the massage.
- Complete, incredible finesse and subtlety in massage.
- Programs automatic programming manual, ultra complete customization.
- Design chair signed Chiaki Murata (multimedia game console X Box 360).
- Combination of Shiatsu massage vibration and cuts.
- Adaptation based on morphology.
- Automatic positioning according to the height of the shoulders.
- Detection System Shiatsu points.
- whole body is in perfect contact with the chair.
- The massage is performed in optimal conditions.
- Automatic adjustment depending on the size.
- Remote easy to use.
- The remote control is available in all positions.
- 3 custom programs can be stored.
- Illuminated display scrolling text on the screen of the remote control.
- Designed for demanding users waiting for a real health benefit.
- Middle therapeutic surprising that helps effectively against health problems.
- An ideal complement for people in treatment for chronic diseases.

Data sheet

Consumption :170 W
Frequency :50-60 Hz
Voltage :220-240 V
Dimension sitting :140 x 75 x 120 cm (L x w x h)
Lying dimension :200 x 75 x 90 cm (L x w x h)
Empty weight :110 Kg
Incline :170°
Coating :Medical leather / Genuine leather
Number of engines :8
Number of rolls :4
Number of airbags :24
Heating System :No
Vibration massage :Yes
3D massage :Yes
Bodyscan function :Yes
Detection of the morphology :Yes
Timer :10 to 30 minutes
Automatic program :10
Manual programming :Yes
Remote control :Standard with screen + Joystick
Made inJapan


2012-11-08 02:57:15
Conformes à la description

Le fauteuil est arrivé vite et est conformes à la description. La qualité du Robostic est incroyable!!! ++

    2012-11-05 00:55:46
    La livraison a été rapide

    La livraison a été rapide. Pour les prix, il y a le choix, du 1er prix au bien plus cher. Le Inada Robostic est pour moi le meilleur! Merci pour vos conseils.

      2012-11-01 05:54:30
      Site confortable

      Site confortable à visiter, aucun problème rencontré dans la recherche et l'achat du fauteuil massant.

        2012-10-30 01:35:08
        Prix très compétitif

        Prix très compétitif, service rapide, a recommander!

          2012-04-21 01:30:08
          Pas de soucis

          Pas de soucis, livraison très rapide et fauteuil conforme à nos attentes. Revêtement de haute qualité et facile pour l'entretien.

            2012-04-16 01:15:46
            Livraison rapide

            Site rapidement accessible, dynamique. Clarté de l'information concernant les différents modèles, classement des fauteuils pour faire une sélection. Livraison rapide avec DHL Express. Facturation très vite établie après la commande et le paiement. La qualité des fauteuils de massage Inada n'est plus à prouver.

              2012-04-05 01:16:31
              Excellente qualité

              Fauteuil massant reçu rapidement (sous 5 jours exactement), excellente qualité de massage, commerce à recommander. Merci.

                2012-04-02 23:49:51
                Le Top du Top

                Après l’essai de très nombreux modèles, l'Inada Robostic D.6 reste pour moi le meilleur fauteuil de massage niveau rapport Qualité / Prix.

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                  Massage chair Inada Robostic D.6

                  Massage chair Inada Robostic D.6

                  The Robostic D.6 Inada massage chair is designed for demanding users waiting for a real health benefit.

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